Teaching Snowflake STEM in K-5

Snowflake STEM

Elementary STEM Activities

Last week, we ran a free webinar on “Teaching Snowflake STEM in K-5.” We took the concept of a snowflake lesson and we made it more hands-on, inquiry-based and aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. Snowflakes are an activity you can teach throughout the winter months, whether or not it snows in your area.

You can check out additional resources, the full transcript and more in our Resource Library.

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4 thoughts on “Teaching Snowflake STEM in K-5”

  1. I finally got a chance to listen to your presentation. Thanks for the shout out! This was such a concise and instructive webinar. It made me think of ways I can bring the scientific process and child led inquiry into snowflake art projects and other art projects I teach that involve problem-solving engineering.

    1. So glad that it was helpful, Lisa! I am so grateful for our collaboration, because your art expertise is so valuable!

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