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Elementary Literacy

3 Ways to Bring Up Test Scores with Reading Apprenticeship

Last week we talked about ways you can start using Reading Apprenticeship in your classroom. Today, we’re going to cover three instructional “plug-and-play” strategies you can use with both STEM and ELA and how to modify them to fit the grades and reading levels of your students. All three of these strategies can be used at once, or in different

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STEM and Literacy

Reading Apprenticeship and STEM: How to Get Started

Reading Apprenticeship focuses on elementary students’ comprehension and metacognitive conversation. The metacognitive conversation is the process of being aware of your own thoughts. When students develop an awareness of their metacognitive conversations, they can begin to assess their own learning, and they can also voice what they need in order to accomplish their own learning goals. In other words, a

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9 Ways to Use Text with STEM

9 Ways to use text with STEM Hello there! This week, I created a vlog to go through 9 different ways you can bring texts into STEM for a “minds-on” experience in addition to hands-on! Enjoy! Additional Resources If you want more resources, subscribe to our channel and to our resource library, which you can access here: Books: Give

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Literacy and Science

2 Ways to Integrate Literacy Into Science

When I was a high school teacher, I took a program called reading apprenticeship, which gave me some powerful instructional techniques to help kids break down and interpret scientific texts. That program turned everything I knew about teaching upside-down, and it was the start to my journey of becoming a learning theorist. Reading apprenticeship showed me how to approach teaching

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