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Dr.Yen's Hydroponic Plant Procedure

Dr. Yen’s Hydroponic Plant Procedure

This is my recipe for growing hydroponic plants using the Kratky method. I want to emphasize that this recipe is NOT an experiment. It is simply a procedure to show you how to grow plants without soil. Depending on your child’s experimental setup, you may not even use this section if they’re only growing plants in soil. MATERIALS – get these ahead of time.

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Re-Establishing Lost Connections in Distance Learning

I met Desmond this year when I taught 5th grade for a week. His parents had opted for distance learning for the year. Every day he went to the class SeeSaw page, opened the lesson, and then just hit submit. No work, no listening, just submit. When I stepped into the teacher’s place for a week, she said, “Just so

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Self-Care as an Act of Rebellion

One night in 2017, I collapsed. I couldn’t breathe, and I went blind while fighting to stay conscious — I thought I had a stroke! In the emergency room, they hooked me up to an EKG to monitor my heart. Later, they wheeled me over to the MRI to check my brain for bleeding. I was a 44-year-old who suffered

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How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19 in the Classroom

Story County Public Health Registered Nurse, Treasa Ferrari from the Mary Greely Medical Center shares recommendations and tips from the Iowa Department of Public Health on how you can keep yourself safe from COVID-19 in the classroom. Treasa talks about handling manipulatives, mask suggestions, and routines. Teaching during the Coronavirus pandemic can be intimidating for all of us, especially when

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