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It can be difficult to find gamified educational content that is fun and appealing to students while still maintaining quality lessons and monitoring tools for teachers. Readorium is one of those unique programs that does just that. It dives deep into the scientific subject matter it covers, while remaining highly engaging and challenging to students. The other awesome thing about Readoruim is that it automatically adapts to the student’s reading level. 

With this program, you don’t have to handhold your students or supplement the strategies taught in the game, the program will do it for you. All you have to do is monitor their progress as they work their way through it. 

We’re going to break down the different areas of the platform for you. Students can access areas like the Library or the Readorium Village. Teachers/parents have access to areas where they can see what kind of content is included in each book, monitor student progress, and view how each book is aligned to the NGSS.


The Library 

The library is the main area of the Readorium for students. It is filled with books that students can read to learn more about a variety of scientific subjects. The books are filled with bits of reading, videos/animations, puzzles, and games that help the student deepen their reading of the text. Each book also has a “Book Mentor” who serves as a helper and model as the student goes through the text. 

As we mentioned above, each chapter adjusts to the student’s reading level, so they automatically receive individualized support throughout their learning. In this way, Readorium acts as a personalized digital reading tutor for your students. The concepts, vocabulary, graphics, and comprehension questions all stay the same as the text is adjusted to their reading level. This will help your students avoid frustration or burnout because the text will remain challenging, but it will not become overwhelming.

Readorium also has built-in hints to help students if they start to struggle. If they are unable to get the answer correct, eventually the concept will be explained in a short video. 


The Readorium Village

The game aspect of Readorium comes into play when students answer comprehension questions. The fewer hints a student needs, the more in-game currency they earn. They can use the in-game currency to access videos, articles, and other bonus materials. These rewards and incentives are engaging for students and help motivate them to continue to learn on the platform.

They can also go to the Readorium Village to check their standing in the Hall of Fame or play games in the Game Garage, Quiz Bowl, or Word Wizard World. Books in the Library are the only area where students can earn the tokens they need for accessing games in the Village. In this way, sustained reading, which leads to acquiring in-depth scientific knowledge, is encouraged. 


Teacher Resources – Monitoring and Standards-Aligned Guidance

Teachers and parents can access tools to monitor their student’s progress, and you have a choice of three kinds of reports: Class summary, strategy, and content. You can use these different reports to gather information about your student’s current reading level and whether or not their reading level has improved while using Readorium.

These reports are designed to make sure that all educators have the information they need to support students as they build their literacy skills. 

Readorium’s content is aligned with the NGSS and Common Core ELA standards. If you access the “Book Information” section of the Teacher/Parent area, you can see what sort of content is in each book in the library, as well as how those books are aligned to the NGSS. This is great if you want to integrate some of the content in the books into the lessons you do in your classroom.



Right now, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Readorium is offering access to their platform free for 30 days to parents and free through the end of the school year for schools. Normally they offer a 7-day free trial and then from there, monthly access costs $9.99. You can learn more about them here:

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