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Overcoming Epic Fail

Dealing With The Epic Fail

 In our Saturday webinar with Kerry Tracy from Feel Good Teaching, she touched upon the topic of failures. While teachers may have the impulse to save kids from feeling failure and disappointment, failure —especially epic failure, where everything falls apart— is a valuable teachable moment for our students. When students fail and are given strategies and opportunities to recover

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Elementary Engineering Structure

Engineering Lesson Structure

Last week I wrote about introducing engineering practices to your classroom. This week, let’s take it a step further and go through the structure of a STEM Challenge. What are the components and how much time should you plan for each? Here’s a quick video describing each step. The STEM Challenge Cycle   The STEM Challenge Cycle & the Engineering

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Elementary Engineering

Introducing Engineering Practices to Your Classroom

 Although STEM Challenges aren’t magic, they’re the closest thing to it that I’ve ever experienced in my teaching career! There are so many benefits – developing critical thinking, problem-solving, growth mindset and more. But like so many things in teaching, the magic is in how you deliver the activity to your students. One approach will get all the academic

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Elementary Science Labs

Myth Busting Labs that Demonstrate the Nature of Science

This powerpoint is from one of Yen’s workshops at ISTS this year. You can use it to create your own myth-busting labs in your classroom that reflects the same processes that scientists use in the real world! Elementary science labs can be fun and interesting, while also being realistic and inquiry-based. If you want the metamaps you can grab them

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