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STEM Makeover: Gingerbread Houses

STEM Makeover! Gingerbread Houses: How to Turn Your Activity Into Authentic STEM

 Building gingerbread houses is a popular classroom activity this time of year. Although the activity can be craft-based (ergo, everyone does the same craft, and it’s just about your students creating something that they can bring home) here’s our STEAM makeover version that hits math and NGSS! Any project that involves building can be adapted into STEM/STEAM with just

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Donors Choose

Make the Most of Your Donors Choose Project Request

Donors Choose is a fantastic way to get STEM materials that are under $1,000 for your classroom, and right now through December is the perfect time for submitting your projects. As the year comes to a close, there are individuals and companies around the country that are looking for charities to support for tax purposes. Many of these donors are

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Elementary Makerspace

How to Equip Your Makerspace for Under $200

 More and more, teachers are looking to empower their students to be creators, makers, and engineers. In the land of open-ended problem-solving, few things are more enticing than creating a makerspace. But what exactly should go in a makerspace? What would a makerspace look like if you spent less than $200 setting it up?   The first question is

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