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Snowflake STEM

Teaching Snowflake STEM in K-5

Elementary STEM Activities Last week, we ran a free webinar on “Teaching Snowflake STEM in K-5.” We took the concept of a snowflake lesson and we made it more hands-on, inquiry-based and aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. Snowflakes are an activity you can teach throughout the winter months, whether or not it snows in your area. You can

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Elementary STEM Circuits

STEM Makeover: How to Throw a STEAM Holiday Party with Simple Circuits and Old Christmas Lights

 Circuits: Making Connections with Hands-on Learning, Basic Materials, and Tools Got some old festive tree lights laying around the house? Don’t throw them out. You can turn them into a curiosity center where students can explore the basics of electric current. They can be used for a variety of hands-on learning projects, like creating different types of circuits, light-up

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STEM Makeover: Gingerbread Houses

STEM Makeover! Gingerbread Houses: How to Turn Your Activity Into Authentic STEM

 Building gingerbread houses is a popular classroom activity this time of year. Although the activity can be craft-based (ergo, everyone does the same craft, and it’s just about your students creating something that they can bring home) here’s our STEAM makeover version that hits math and NGSS! Any project that involves building can be adapted into STEM/STEAM with just

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Elementary STEM Classroom Management

Classroom Management Tips for Elementary STEM Lessons and Labs

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