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Winter Survival Strategies

Winter Survival Strategies: Adaptation, Migration, and Hibernation

As the northern hemisphere enters into the depths of winter – January, and February – we begin to embrace the reality of frigid temperatures and copious amounts of snow. We turn up the heat, throw on more blankets and layers of clothing, and bundle up in warm coats when going outside.  I often look out my window during these months

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Warmth Investigation

STEM Makeover: Investigating How Animals Survive During Winter

This experiment is a great way to get your students thinking about how animals survive in the winter. As with many of our labs and activities, we start with the engage stage in the i5Es, which is about learning what students already know about the subject and invoking their curiosity. For winter survival, start the activity by having kids think

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Elementary Engineering

Engineering…It’s Everywhere!

As an elementary teacher, you might be intimidated by incorporating engineering into your classroom. Engineering feels so exotic, different, and overwhelming. But, if you know how to recognize when people are trying to solve a problem, then you are ready to start a conversation about engineering. I think that high-quality children’s literature provides great opportunities to spot engineering in action.

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STEAM Café Resources – Our Top 5 Posts of 2019

We wanted to share our most popular blogs of 2019 with you. We hope these resources will help you start 2020 strong! These posts offer a variety of free downloads, STEAM/STEM activities, and tips. If you would like to see more of this kind of content from us, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, each week we share our

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Overcoming Epic Fail

Dealing With The Epic Fail

 In our Saturday webinar with Kerry Tracy from Feel Good Teaching, she touched upon the topic of failures. While teachers may have the impulse

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