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Elementary Literacy

Readorium – Personalized Literacy and Science Lessons

It can be difficult to find gamified educational content that is fun and appealing to students while still maintaining quality lessons and monitoring tools for teachers. Readorium is one of those unique programs that does just that. It dives deep into the scientific subject matter it covers, while remaining highly engaging and challenging to students. The other awesome thing about

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Distance Learning

Your Teacher’s Distance Learning Toolkit

We shared this in our newsletter, but we wanted to make sure everyone has access to this resource! If you’re new to distance learning (many teachers are doing it for the first time), these resources will be very valuable to you! I know a lot of you are transitioning to distance learning. I created three 10-15 minute videos to help

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Simple STEM

Simple STEM Activities from Home with Kerry Tracy

Right now, there are tons of educational resources being shared about distance learning and we are spending our time going through some of this content. Yen actually took a deep look at 5 resources that were hyped up as good “at-home” learning tools. Out of 5 pieces she looked at, only 1 really made the grade, the rest were either

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15 Online STEM Activities At Home

As more districts have started closing, we’ve had a lot of parents and educators looking for “home STEM” distance learning ideas. Here are 15 resources, gathered by the STEAM Café team and from our beloved Facebook group that you can use. Please keep in mind that while these are fantastic resources for doing STEM at home, many of these activities

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Elementary STEM Activities

STEM Mystery Bag Challenge

STEM Mystery Bag Challenge If you are looking for an activity that is easy to set up for elementary aged pupils, but still incorporates authentic

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