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Elaborate – How To Use Elaborate In Your Classroom

The elaborate phase of the 5E instructional model is where your students compare their information with their peer’s information and then apply what they have learned toward other contexts and lessons. Think of elaborate as the opportunity for students to say more about what they’ve found and learned. What is the purpose of Elaborate? Because the concepts we teach in

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Evaluate – How To Use Evaluate In Your Classroom

The Evaluate phase of the 5E instructional model involves student self-reflection and peer evaluation. It is very common for the Evaluate phase to overlap with Explain, especially if Evaluate is part of how students explain their work.  Students may also engage in this phase throughout the learning process as they take time to think about what they have learned. What

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How to Engage Your Students With “I think, I wonder”

Although the i5E model is typically used to teach science, the “I notice, I wonder” exercise can be incorporated into any subject to start an activity or to weave throughout an activity as a way to engage students and scaffold their interactions between the text and with each other. This technique works very effectively with TPS (think-pair-share). See the video

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The i5Es – How To Use Explain In Your Classroom

The Explain phase of the i5E instructional model has students synthesize and share the information and findings that they gathered from Engage and Explore phases. What is the purpose of Explain? The purpose of the Explain phase is for students to communicate what they have learned in a clear and concise way. Deeper learning and retention happens when students have

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