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How Resourcing Leads to Personalized Learning For Your Students

“Mom, why is the sky blue?” my young son asked. Throughout their lives, I’ve encouraged my sons to ask questions about the world and to pursue the answers. Today was different, however. Rather than my usual response of, “Let’s ask Google,” I handed the iPhone to my son and answered, “Ask Siri.”  Tools like Google, Apple Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and

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How to Incorporate STEM Thinking into Your Craft and Art Lessons

 Classroom learning is subject-specific, even though organic learning in the real world is cross-curricular, experiential, and contextual. A thematic approach toward teaching subjects in a cross-curricular fashion can reinforce conceptual understandings by exposing students to the same information in different ways. Art, for instance, is a fantastic way to visualize and communicate scientific models, mathematical relationships, and historical events.

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Building the plane as we fly

We need your help in making STEAM Café a help group and resource that is useful to you. As a learning community, we all learn by sharing and listening to each other’s experiences, ideas, and advice.

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