Join Our Free Webinar: Energize Your Class With the Gummy Bear Dare

We released our FREE STEM Webinar: Energize Your Class With the Gummy Bear Dare. We are so excited to share this fun and rigorous STEM lesson with you!

 In this lab, students build a catapult to fling gummy bears over a barrier/wall using common objects you can buy at the store. This free webinar walks you through how to do an inquiry-based engineering lab with your students, which is also in line with the Next Generation Science Standards — it is a perfect lab to finish out the school year!

In elementary, many of the STEM lessons we teach may look simple or may look like play, but when done with intention and the right kind of questioning and scaffolding, these lessons lay the foundation for our students to think like scientists and engineers.  

Here’s What You Will Get From Our FREE Webinar:

  • A Step-by-Step in-depth lesson plan that includes information on:
    • How to align this lab with the Next Generation Science Standards
    • How to make this lab inclusive for students with disabilities or learning challenges
  • Our One-Pager, which gives you a quick and easy walkthrough of the entire lab.
  • This lab can be done with basic classroom supplies – No need to buy anything expensive or fancy!
  • Coupon codes for discounts toward our next webinar!

Here’s How to Register

Fill out the registration form here:

The webinar will be open until March 31st. After that, it will be closed and the materials will no longer be accessible, so please check out the webinar and grab your resources before then!

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