Our Complete Series On How To Use The 5Es In Your Classroom

Now that we’ve shared each phase of the 5Es with you, we wanted to do a final post that compiles all of our blogs for easy reference.  In our series, we explored each of the phases of the 5Es and also shared some teaching strategies to help you implement them in your classroom.  


i5Es Overview – How To Use The 5Es In Your Classroom

The Phases of the 5Es

Teaching Strategies and Instructional Moves

You may notice we use both the titles “5E” and “i5E.”  The STEAM Cafe’s version of the 5Es incorporates Interactive Spatial Learning (ISL) theory. ISL adds the “i” in the i5Es by having students contextualize their learning through different kinds of interaction. We will dive deeper into this theory in future blogs, but we wanted to get the information about the i5Es out first because they are such a helpful resource for thorough learning!


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