How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19 in the Classroom

Story County Public Health Registered Nurse, Treasa Ferrari from the Mary Greely Medical Center shares recommendations and tips from the Iowa Department of Public Health on how you can keep yourself safe from COVID-19 in the classroom. Treasa talks about handling manipulatives, mask suggestions, and routines.

Teaching during the Coronavirus pandemic can be intimidating for all of us, especially when we may not be sure when it is safe to safe materials, how often we need to clean surfaces, etc. We’ve had many teachers mention that they are not allowed to share supplies between students and this video outlines some of the more common ways materials can possibly transmit the virus.

Yen and Treasa discuss what routines you can implement in your classroom for Coronavirus prevention. Establishing good routines, like frequent handwashing and masking wearing, is one of the best ways to prevent transmission of the virus and keep yourself and your students safe. There are some symptoms that are more common to look out for as you go back into the classroom and they mention what to watch for and how severe each COVID-19 symptom is. Treasa outlines which symptoms are more likely to be high risk and low risk. If a high-risk symptom appears, it is best to quickly and isolate yourself or your student. If two or more low-risk symptoms are observed, you will want to follow that same procedure of isolation to avoid transmission.

Treasa also addresses your questions! If you submitted a question in advance, please check the video out to see what the answer to your question is.

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