STEM Mystery Bag Challenge

Elementary STEM Activities

STEM Mystery Bag Challenge

If you are looking for an activity that is easy to set up for elementary aged pupils, but still incorporates authentic STEM, then STEM Mystery Bags challenge are exactly what you are looking for! These are great to use if you’re new to teaching STEM or if you need lesson/activity that doesn’t take a ton of time to plan out. You can also use STEM mystery bags to start a unit, they are a great way to build up curiosity and excitement about a new subject.

For Elementary STEM Activities | Video

In the video below, Yen walks you through how to use the bags as a learning cue and how you can include science and engineering practices, and 21st century skills. It is great to encourage and also teach out elementary students that they can over come any challenge, especially the challenge of directions. Continue to view the video below for more directions.

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