Disaster-Proof Your Elementary Teaching Training – Join Us!

When the world closed, everything we knew about teaching radically changed.

As an elementary school teacher, you’ve been struggling to keep things together with hastily crafted distance learning plans, and goals that have been dashed to pieces.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a contingency plan that accounted for all the challenges that you’ve encountered with distance learning? 

Although you’re doing what it takes to try to reach every student, you’re faced with the frustrations of distance learning, technology hurdles, and heck, teaching from home while you have your own kids to look after! The thought of teaching like this without knowing when this will end or what’s coming up next can feel totally overwhelming. 

A flexible, disaster-proof learning plan will save you time, relieve stress, and it will set your students up for success — no matter if they are in the classroom or at home. But how do you make a disaster-proof plan? Especially at a time like this?

Well, that’s my specialty! I’m Dr. Yen, and I can give you the tools you need to deliver engaging and thought-provoking instruction to your students at any time, and from anywhere. As a learning theorist and online instructional designer, I’ll show you how to leverage distance learning without overwhelming you or the families you serve. 

In fact, recently, thousands of teachers showed up for an online conference where I presented strategies for distance learning. Even after a 15-year long career of teaching instructional methodologies to teachers, those were by far my most popular sessions ever!

It would be an honor to help you level up your teaching game to this new, crazy reality. After all, your students are worth it! You’re worth it! And I’ve done my best to make this training affordable so that anyone can join in. We all need to help each other out in these difficult times.

For just $11, you’ll learn to:

⭐️ Create adaptive learning environments for remote and face-to-face learning

⭐️ Design your disaster-proof toolkit to prepare your students and families for any situation

⭐️ Find funding so that you’re not paying for things out of your own pocket 

Level up your teaching in just 3 days!

Here’s the link: 


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