1 thought on “An Overview of the NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas”

  1. The curriculum at LWGMS is interdisciplinary where appropriate, and it concentrates on each subject individually by employing teachers who are experts in their subject areas. The core academic curriculum includes humanities, math, science, Spanish, and STEAM. The fine arts are considered a valuable essential; every LWGMS student takes at least 60 minutes of visual art per week as well as a full year STEAM course, which integrates the arts with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and introduces the process of Design Thinking. To cultivate confidence, collaboration, and strong voices, every LWGMS student performs in at least one full-scale drama production every year. Additionally, students can choose from enrichment classes that offer a breadth of experiences. Classes include Entrepreneurship, Guitar Making, Ukulele and Voice, Coding, Poetry as Performance, The Elle-Dub Blog, and stage crew.

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